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Acts of kindness warm the heart, soothe the soul, and make the world turn more gently. Perhaps you've never realized how your thoughtful, caring ways can make such a difference to others How your many, small kindnesses grow into ever-widening circles that touch so many lives. Foundation gifts may be given any time of the year to honor a special person or in memory of a loved one.  The Marcum & Wallace Memorial Hospital (MWMH) Foundation receives gifts from a variety of donors - grateful patients, employees, community members, businesses, civic groups and private foundations. Some give in honor or their favorite physician or in memory of a loved one. And some give to improve and save the lives of family, friends and neighbors who seek care at MWMH. Whatever your reason is for giving, 100% of every gift goes to its intended purpose and makes a meaningful difference in the care our patients receive. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Cash Gifts
Checks should be payable to Marcum & Wallace Memorial Hospital Foundation and sent to:
MWMH Foundation
60 Mercy Court
Irvine, KY 40336

Gifts of Stock/Securities
Appreciated stock is an ideal gift option, making it possible for you to potentially deduct the fair market value of the gift and avoid capital gains tax on appreciation.

Gifts of Real Estate
Land or other real estate property can be a wonderful way to fund a gift. The gift amount depends on the certified appraised value of the property.

Bequests in a Will
Through a simple change in your will, you can designate a bequest to the MWMH Foundation.

Gift of Life Insurance
To make a large gift with little or no cost to yourself, simply change ownership on a life insurance policy you no longer need.

Charitable Gift Annuities
A gift annuity pays a guaranteed income for the remainder of the donor's life, or for the life of the donor and spouse. The amount paid to the donor depends on the age of the donor, and some of the income is tax-free. The donor also receives a charitable tax deduction. It is an ideal gift for someone who has CDs or other investments paying a low return.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please call Arielle R. Estes, Foundation Director at 606-726-2119.

WHY DOES THE FOUNDATION NEED YOUR SUPPORT? Many of us believe in and support various charities because of the good work that they do. We often forget that the very hospital in which we, our family, or our neighbor receives care, depends on contributions to continue its mission to the community. WHO CAN GIVE? Anyone can give by check, cash, stock or property gift, insurance policy or planned giving. HOW MUCH SHOULD I GIVE? Everyone has a special set of family circumstances to consider in answering this question. The contribution will only be good for the Foundation if it is good for you and your family. Give according to your ability. 

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