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Many Take Opioids Reluctantly for Back Pain: Survey
Patients worried about the potentially addictive painkillers; say they only provide limited relief
Many Teens Light Up to Lose Weight, Study Suggests
Researchers offer new ways to discourage smoking among adolescents
Pregnancy May Boost Stroke Risk in Younger Women: Study
But absolute risk is very small; researchers not sure of reasons why
'Laughing Gas' May Not Ease Pain During Childbirth: Study
Nitrous oxide gaining interest among expectant mothers in the United States, researchers report
Brain Changes Seen in Kids After One Season of Football
Not yet clear if those changes are lasting or meaningful
Take Meds as Directed to Boost Survival After Heart Procedures
Study finds close adherence to instructions may be especially important after angioplasty
Stronger Muscles May Pump Up Your Memory
Seniors saw lasting changes from weight-lifting twice a week for 6 months, researchers report
Study: El Nino Could Boost Lyme Disease in Western U.S.
Northeast may also experience changes in infectious diseases due to weather variations, research suggests
Docs: Infants Should Share Parents' Room to Help Prevent SIDS
Sleeping nearby -- but not in same bed -- advised for first year, pediatricians' group says
Old Blood as Good as New for Transfusions, Study Finds
Little difference seen in patient survival rates
Polio Nearly Vanquished: CDC
But small pockets of world still have cases of crippling disease, officials add
Review Says Calcium Supplements Won't Harm the Heart
Other physicians urge caution, however, and say these findings aren't conclusive
Smoking Still Takes Big Toll in U.S. Cancer Deaths
Habit is linked to close to one-third of fatal cancers in people 35 and older, study finds
Women Reaching Equality in Dubious Habit: Drinking
Females also closing the gender gap on health problems from alcohol consumption
United States Ranks in Top 10 for Empathy
But, study author says social media, parenting practices and bullying may one day lower America's compassion score
Saturday, Oct. 22 Is Drug Take Back Day
DEA-sponsored event offers sites to safely dispose of unused meds
Mediterranean Diet, Caffeine May Be Good for Your Eyes
Study found both were linked to lower risk of leading cause of blindness
Cartilage From Nose Used to Repair Bum Knees
In small trial, patients were able to grow new cartilage in the joint
Is It Really True That Chocolate May Be Good for You?
A component in cocoa seems to help control blood sugar and inflammation, but there's a caveat
Tips for Keeping Halloween Safe and Fun
Bobbing for apples, trick-or-treating can expose kids to potential hazards, health experts say